Songbird Kombucha

Nice to meet you! We are Songbird Kombucha & Ferments! Our focus is on family, holistic wellness, and reconnection to Earth.

We aim to provide products that are both delicious and highly nutritious for our local communities. Our kombucha is made with filtered water and Certified Organic sugar and teas. It is a living product, full of naturally occurring B-Vitamins, probiotics, and immune-boosting properties. We never use pasteurized juices to flavor our kombucha, ensuring that you are getting an authentic, raw product. During a full second fermentation, we add whole fruits and herbs to impart the wonderful flavors of Nature.

Songbird Kombucha & Ferments was created to help people understand the true healing powers of fermented foods so that we may return to optimal health and happiness. Let us fill up your cup or growler every Saturday* and share our love of fermentation with you!

Due to COVD-19, our estimated start date is June 6th

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